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An eggy twist on the classic cake stand, the Omlet Egg Stand can display up to 12 freshly laid eggs with classic country kitchen chic.

Classic style for your eggs

With it's pretty yolkadot egg print the Egg Stand has an air of stylish country chic, perfect for displaying eggs in your kitchen or dining room.

Made from melamine, it's easy to clean, dishwasher safe and much more durable than china for everyday use.

The traditional metal handle allows you to move the Egg Stand easily and can be unscrewed into sections, allowing the egg stand to be easily disassembled for cleaning or storage.

Suitable for both Chicken and Bantam eggs (Holes are 34mm accross.)

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Informations sur l'emballage

Poids: 0.400 kg

Hauteur: 4 cm

Largeur: 23 cm

Longueur: 25 cm